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Counselor's Corner

Counseling Department Mission Statement

Guidance and Counseling Department’s Mission is to implement a comprehensive school counseling program to promote student success through academic achievement, promote prevention and intervention activities to provide a safe and nurturing environment, provide social/emotional and career development, and increase student’s admittance and success in institutions of higher learning.


Johnson’s 10th Grade Campus Counselors (Class of 2022)

Picture of Melissa Martinez      Picture of Estella Martinez

Melissa Salinas                            Estella Y. Martinez

 (A-L)                                                      (M-Z)

Johnson’s 11th Grade Campus Counselors (Class of 2021)

Picture of Ana Moncivais      Picture of Selina Moncivais

Ana Moncivais                            Selina Moncivais

(A-L)                                                      (M-Z)

Johnson’s 12th Grade Campus Counselors (Class of 2020)

Picture of Dennise Munoz     Picture of Annette Rodriguez

     Dennise Muñoz                         Annette G. Rodriguez

  (A-L)                                                     (M-Z)

Johnson’s Early College Campus Counselors

Picture of Sylvia Garcia      Picture of Clarissa Cardenas

       Sylvia Garcia                        Clarissa Cardenas

(Early College)                                   (BLSIA)

Johnson’s LCDC Campus Counselor

Picture of Melissa Mendoza

Melissa Mendoza

Counselor’s Corner

Attention All Students:


The ASVAB will be administered during the school day on Wednesday, November 7th.  The exam is free.  You may sign up to take the test in the Counseling Center with our secretaries, Ms. Pedraza and Ms. Rodriguez.

The ASVAB is offered to high school and post-secondary students as part of the ASVAB Career Exploration Program. The program provides tools to help students learn more about career exploration and planning, in both the civilian and military worlds of work. The ASVAB Career Exploration Program is free of charge to participating schools.

Senior Class 2019


Junior Class 2020

Sophomore Class 2021

Freshmen Class 2022

Lyndon B Johnson Four Year Plan